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Leaving a Legacy


The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is now open in Milton and CustomerInsight is proud to have helped Make It Happen.  The centre houses the only indoor UCI homologated velodrome in Canada and only the second in North America.

It will serve as both a community recreation facility and a venue for provincial,  national and international events, including the 2015 PanAm games .

This is the beginning of a new chapter for cycling in Canada and will stand as a testament to the calibre of Canadian cycling and CustomerInsight is proud to take the lead and be part of this legacy that will benefit Canadian athletes and the community for years to come.

Setting up for the  Canadian National Track Cycling Championships via The Spec
Setting up for the Canadian National Track Cycling Championships via The Spec


Strategic Plan for 2015: Back to Basics


As organizations continue to modify budgets in response to a slower new year, greater attention has been placed on “getting back to basics.”   Focusing on customer service and reinvigorating relationships are part of taking time to refocus attention on the fundamental business elements and habits that may have been neglected.

When times are good, it’s easy to say that we are “too busy” to focus on rudimentary details but, when times get tougher, it’s essential to evaluate those things that made us successful and begin implementing those strategies once again.

As such, the idea of getting back to basics even may need to be incorporated into goal-setting and/or strategic planning activities.

Here are CustomerInsight we’re starting off 2015 by focusing on:

The Basics:

  • Evaluate how we treat and value our customers, employees and trade partners.
  • Focus on ‘custom’ service.
  • Incorporate training and continuing education opportunities.
  • Provide more personalized service and attention.
  • Do not forget to listen to your clients, customers, and service partners.

Bottom Line:  Determine your value added proposition and capitalize on it.