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Notice to Users about Browser Security

Browser Security is our utmost concern.
Browser Security is our utmost concern.

At CustomerInsight, the security of your results and customer information is of utmost importance, which is why the CustomerInsight dashboard is accessed over a secure connection. We are upgrading the security of this connection which may impact certain users who use Internet Explorer, or a browser called Opera.

If you use Internet Explorer and are experiencing any issues accessing CustomerInsight, it may be due to browser setting that needs to be adjusted under your security settings.

You can find the setting here:
Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
Scroll down to the section “Security” and ensure the box for “SSL 3.0” is NOT checked. The boxes for TLS 1.0 or higher should be checked.


Please Note: If you are unable to change these settings, please contact your System Administrator.  This will ensure that your security settings are updated to access CustomerInsight securely.

Let us know how you make out of if you have any questions. We’re here to help.