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Couple standing in front of a new home with agent.

Facts of Selling New Homes

Selling To Today’s Customer

  1. Successful sales people ask more questions.
  2. Selling must be based on strategy … which must be based on customer purchase decisions.
  3. If a selling system is focused on how an associate needs to sell, rather than on how a customer buys, it is less likely to be successful.
  4. As pressure increases, a customer’s awareness of “Purchase Risk” increases, which causes sales effectiveness to decrease.9152570
  5. Buyers shop and shop and shop because they are concerned about the consequences involved with a bad decision.
  6. Buyers shop and shop and shop because they unconsciously know that “they don’t know … what they don’t know”.
  7. Associates that “Close” (offer solutions) before a “Need is Fully Developed”, end up with more objections to handle (developing is different than asking about a need).
  8. When they don’t have a strategy for selling, an associate’s focus turns toward relationship building and presenting.
  9. When an associate “sells” based on what a customer would get, price sensitivity will follow.
  10. Selling new homes is work. If you think you can get away with an order taking mentality, you will be replaced.Couple at real estate agencyToday’s sales success is directly proportional to helping customers realize the need for change. Let CustomerInsight help you gain insight. OnePlatform is the only software to monitor your prospective buyer experiences, customer satisfaction, employee and trade performance.