One Platform

Discover the new Performance driver

Key customer experience touch-points
integrated into your build process.

Measure what you want to improve by customizing questions, timing and more.

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Most common touch-points:

  • Pre-Close Review
  • Welcome Home Review
  • Anniversary Review
  • Languages: French, Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin, Italian and Spanish
  • Largest database for benchmarking and best-in-class comparisons
  • Drive accountability to employees and trades by attaching review questions to each individual/ department/company

Sales and Marketing

The future connection with potential buyers, today

Buyer Research:

  • Answers to why you lost business and to who
  • Performance results of your sales team, marketing efforts, model homes, and much more
  • Measure and enforce the behaviors you expect at the sales centre

Opinion studies
and Intercept reviews:

  • Psychographic questions to capture market attitudes, demographics, beliefs, wants and needs
  • Customized, intuitive and concise research your team can trust to make difficult business decisions of what to build
  • Start understanding market trends, needs, wants. Get the research before you build and save millions by designing and building what buyers want.

Trade/Supply Partner Performance

Not just a necessity, a competitive advantage

Trade & Supplier Performance Management; the process of evaluating, measuring, and monitoring business processes and practices for the purposes of reducing costs, mitigating risk and driving continuous improvement.

  • Increase performance visibility.
  • Prevent and/or remedy problems.
  • Identify and leverage suppliers who will add value.
  • Quantifiable, objective and perceptual measurements.
  • Communicate expectations about performance and the relationship.
  • Compare, rank and choose the best partners for your projects.
  • Optimize the builder-trade relationship and achieve performance excellence and reduced cost and risk.
  • Improve responsiveness to customers.
  • Improve workmanship and services.
  • Trades/Suppliers access key performance metrics per builder.
  • Two-way communication.

Employee Performance Program

Align employees with corporate goals

Engage your team, measure what you want to improve, set goals and create a pay-for-performance system where your team is motivated to follow-through on behaviours you expect.

  • Empower your employees to tackle anything, anywhere all on one platform.
  • Connect everyday to performance by company, division, dept or individual employee performance.
  • Uncover ‘What’ you need to do to continually improve.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Develop plans to uncover and overcome weaknesses.
  • Target strengths to improve communication and effectiveness with other team members.
  • Engage your staff by connecting the customer experience you want with the behaviours you expect in your team.

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