CustomerInsightTM. Who We Are

Overview of CustomerInsightTM

Many builders today talk a good talk, but very few, walk the talk. Understanding the customer experience is only the first step to developing and maintaining truly loyal customers. Setting clear, concise expectations of processes, procedures and quality of workmanship is essential to delivering an exceptional experience in the home building Industry.

CustomerInsightTM is a customer experience research company designed to help warranty providers and builders uncover their homebuyer, employee and trade/supply partner experiences; turning insight into profitability.

our aPProaCh is designed to:

MANAGE THE PROCESS – Identify the key performance indicators that drive customer attitudes and behaviours to ensure your business is aligned to deliver optimal customer experiences.

MEASURE THE ExPERIENCE – Proprietary data collection processes tailored to meet the needs of today’s most demanding companies. Our approach uncovers unique customer insights by integrating data collected through a purchase cycle – the transaction, referral behaviours and loyalty research.

MAINTAIN THE LOYALTY – Immediate tactical feedback to help companies manage day-to-day operations; we employ advanced analytics to help shape long-term strategy and design the optimal future experience. In order to drive a high degree of customer loyalty, an organization’s culture and business processes must be well-aligned to enhance the homebuyer’s experience. Staff awareness, communication, setting expectations, handoffs, incentive programs, and business processes that span multiple departments are a few of the key areas where CustomerInsightTM can help “profitably” enhance the customers’ experience.

2012 Vision of the Year Award

Awarded for our unique ability to interpret a need and deliver a software solution with widespread impact to an entire Industry, including customers, prospects, builders, trades, and suppliers.

2012, 2013 & 2014 CHBA-Calgary Region SAM Award Winner

2015 CHBA-Calgary Region SAM Award Finalist

“Service Provider of the Year” awarded based on feedback from our clients, and their satisfaction with the service provided by CustomerInsightTM.

“Innovation Award” awarded based on development of new and innovative technology developed by CustomerInsightTM.


To be the most trusted source of customer experience management programs and expertise in the homebuilding industry.


Our Mission is to be the trusted brand in providing outstanding research and coaching for leading organizations in the home building industry. CustomerInsightTM aims to achieve its mission through:

  • Offering exceptional, high quality, integrated solutions that assist our clients in making the most effective business decisions possible.
  • Providing methodical innovative solutions to allow an opportunity for every voice to be heard, including customers, prospects, trades and team members.
  • Building and maintaining robust, long-term relationships with our clients and treasuring “client share” rather than “market share”.
  • Creating a work environment that offers all our team members career development, performance-based remuneration, a safe and fun workplace as well as camaraderie among colleagues.
  • Fully developing the potential of each team member by emphasizing equal opportunity and merit.

Our Team

CustomerInsightTM brings together the right team of people who always remain part of the conversation. We continue to answer questions and share knowledge throughout the strategic journey.

CustomerInsightTM is a firm of consummate professionals who form project-specific teams to meet the unique and evolving needs of our clients. Each of our team members has unique skills and specialized experience in particular areas of research; when any project begins we assemble teams of experts with the qualifications and practical experience appropriate to the job at hand. Team members collaborate on every project-both within the firm and on teams within clients’ organizations.

We consider education to be a lifelong engagement and undergo a rigorous program of professional development that includes direct instruction and hands-on practice. We constantly prototype and adopt new research protocols to improve our celebrated speed and accuracy.