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Sales and Marketing

Attracting and retaining buyers is critical to the success of your business. Knowing their experience with your brand, sales centres, sales advisors and buying behaviors sets you apart from the competition. Buyers and non-buyers have a story to tell. What story are you getting?

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OnePlatform connects employees across the organization to accelerate productivity, innovation and performance.

OnePlatform enables employees to take action by understanding the prospective buyer experience, customer, trades/supply partners and their own performance so they are engaged and productive everywhere.

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Build customer loyalty. Increase first call resolution and agent productivity. Improve customer satisfaction by 37%. All while delivering fast customer service from anywhere with CustomerConnect by CustomerInsightTM.

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employee performance program

Engage your team, measure what you want to improve, set goals and create a pay-for-performance system where your team is motivated to follow-through on behaviours you expect.

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Trade/supply parTner performance program

Cost drivers impact both the trade/supplier operations as well as yours. Uncover root causes of performance issues that result in increased customer complaints, warranty issues, quality problems, service failures and more.

A first in North America, OnePlatform integrates a two-way communication system to help eliminate costs, drives accountability and increases customer loyalty.

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