CustomerInsightTM Trade/Supply Partner Performance Program

Not just a Necessity, a Competitive Advantage

Trade & Supplier Performance Management; the process of evaluating, measuring, and monitoring business processes and practices for the purposes of reducing costs, mitigating risk and driving continuous improvement.

  • Increase performance visibility.
  • Prevent and/or remedy problems.
  • Identify and leverage suppliers who will add value.
  • Quantifiable, objective and perceptual measurements.
  • Communicate expectations about performance and the relationship.
  • Compare, rank and choose the best partners for your projects.
  • Optimize the builder-trade relationship and achieve performance excellence and reduced cost and risk.
  • Improve responsiveness to customers.
  • Improve workmanship and services.
  • Trades/Suppliers access key performance metrics per builder.
  • Two-way communication.

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